We specialize in transforming living spaces to match the unique style of our clients.  


The inspiration for this project was its setting and decor - a cottage deep in the woods that could have been a beach house from the feel of serenity it possesses. The owner is equally pleasant.

 Now, we had to get pass the off white builder's paint.

To keep the open airy feeling of the wide hallway and vaulted ceiling, pale linens.  Just a subtle hint of color was needed. A pale blue with gray under tone and a creamy yellow in the dining provided a soft compliment for hard surface and other textures.



The owner of this house surrounds herself with creativity.

From paintings and tapestries to rich woven fabrics, all an exuberant expression of living well. All that was needed was a foil of color. I used a yellow green as a complement. Thus providing the landscape for her expression of taste and style.