John Young, owner and artist, formed New Projét Painted Interior Finishes to help home owners create well thought out and coordinated interiors. 

John listens closely to your needs and desires to determine how to create the right ambiance and mood for the space you want transformed. John does extensive homework before beginning each project by providing samples, comparing them to adjacent textures such as wood, fabric, tile and marble, to find the common denominator.

Next, John carefully chooses the right value of color to paint or glaze the ceilings and walls - to avoid ruining the meat with the spice so-to-speak. Through the use of color, texture, scale and visual weight, John creates a well-balanced and inviting interior. Harmony and an organic feel make every room in your home feel as though the walls and ceiling are alive and breathing. Depth and texture are created using a variety of faux techniques, from Venetian plaster to Lusterstone.

John has over three decades of experience and draws influence from Isabel O'Neal, author of "The Art of the Painted Finish", local artist Eleanor Cox and was trained with Anna Tori owner of the Faux Institute in Baltimore, MD.